Micam September 2017

The Micam is one of the largest footwear sector trade shows in Italy. The show facilitates smooth transfer of relevant industry information among the eminent business professionals from this sector who are present here. More than 1595 professional exhibitors take part at the show, displaying an extensive range of trendy and fashionable shoes and related accessories for men, women as well as kids. The show boasts of overall visitor counts in excess of 42385, with a large contingent of foreign attendees also participating in the event on a regular basis. The Cocktail Party and the Award ceremonies that are held here add to the attractions of the show further and participants are provided with grand business networking scopes too. The Fitting Room and the Shooting Set areas that are set up in the MICAM Point section of the show are also worth a special mention. The event is held over a period of four days and takes up a total area of 70041 square meters.

Date: 17 - 20 September 2017

DNA Footwear
Eegim Shoes
The New Shoe Company

Hall 7, K1-9/L2-10