About AFG

Achten Fashion GroupĀ“s long march began in 1970, when Erik Achten started his first footwear company Eegim Shoes BV.
Initially, a small business in Veenendaal (the Netherlands) was founded, but due to rapid growth expansion was needed. A sourcing company was setup together with Far Eastern partners for development and production of footwear for the European market.

Today the Group consists of several footwear companies, all operating independently and carrying its own range of footwear, which include branded and non-branded footwear, in quality (synthetic as well as leather) materials. Synergy between these members results in rapid anticipation of market developments and signals.

Both prediction and understanding of the market are giving a rich and robust portrait of AFG and enables the Group to make even better strategic decisions. AFG has emerged to one of world's largest and established shoe traders and shows how dedication becomes achievement.